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What the CFO doesn’t know won’t kill you… or will it?

It’s mid-May and as you prepare to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you are in the middle negotiating your Unlimited License Agreement with Oracle. You had an opportunity to certify out with enough licensing to cover your install base for an estimated three years, but now you don’t think you have time.  Are you simply going to get the best deal you can and pick up where you left off in three years? As you go through the process you [...]

Spring break season – Break the spend cycle!

You have been looking at your screen for hours as you shuffle through your Oracle support renewals and after adding them all up you let out a big sigh and think, “it seems high but I guess I have to pay it.” You might even feel that if you even question the amount or ask for reductions you might end up paying even more or be questioned about your use. The saying “don’t rock the boat” might feel true [...]

Don’t be Fooled this Year by Oracle, Know Your rights During an Oracle Audit

  SLC Helps 100’s of Clients Fight Oracle Audits and uses this experience to help you leverage your entitlements and contracts in your favor. At SLC our main focus is to redefine and improve the Oracle license costs.  What do we mean by this? Well, here at SLC we have a team of Oracle license experts with over 15 years of experience, in which we know the ins and outs of all Oracle contracts and strategies. With this expert knowledge, we [...]

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Don’t just wear green – Save some green!

  Don’t get pinched by Oracle! Look at these 3 tips to lower your Oracle licensing costs.   1) Lower the Cost of Your Technical Support So you are paying for maintenance and support, but are your costs higher than you think they should be?  Do you understand the fair market value of your licenses and how to reduce your Oracle Support costs? SLC is the only company that can take products not being used and remove them from your support contracts, which [...]